Cable Colors

Owen DeLong owen at
Mon Jun 16 23:09:46 UTC 2008

Very true.  Another suggestion I will offer is that it is relatively
inexpensive to order cables with pre-printed serial numbers.

I get them for about $0.20/cable more than I could buy in bulk
and I get them in relatively low quantities.  They cost about half
of what buying a cable at Fry's would cost.

I use a format of XXXXXX-YY.Y where XXXXXX is a unique
six digit number for the particular cable and YY.Y is the length
of that particular cable.

Having these serial numbers triple-printed on self-laminating
labels at each end of the cable makes them very easy to read
and makes it very easy to be sure before you pull a cable that
the A and Z ends are of the same cable, which, can also be
a saving factor at 3AM.


On Jun 16, 2008, at 4:00 PM, Randy Bush wrote:

> all you people are just sooooo retro and boring.  i like purple,
> fluorescent lime, ...
> the colors make no difference as long as you are consistent.   
> labeling,
> consistent port use (oob port == power port == switch port ==) are  
> what
> will bail you out at three in the morning.
> randy

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