Cable Colors

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Mon Jun 16 22:52:36 UTC 2008

> Hello Newbie here (hopefully I have the correct list),
> I was just wondering if anyone knows of a website with recommended
> colors for cables for a new datacenter?
> I have written some things down but I don't want to get stuck saying
> 'darn, I wish I would have bought this color for this type, now I am
> stuck'.
> What standard color to use if voice and data on same interface etc. Thanks.

	We solved the problem of remembering what color was for what by
getting our suppliers to use clear jackets on the wiring. That way we
see whats actually going over the copper and can tell that way. It costs
us more, we do have a bit of an issue putting plugs on it, but in the long
run its definitely worth it. 

	Otherwise, our old system was :

	Black - Infrastructure/critical
	Green - Colocation/Customer
	White - KVM
	Blue  - X-connect (Later changed to Orange when we went full fiber)
	Yellow- Someone threw a spare patch cord up and didn't custom create/
		cut it and if I find them I'm gonna create/cut them something!
	White+Red spot or stripe - The junior guy was cutting KVM cables again,
		expect a health benefit claim later in the day.

	We also used the ID zip ties on each end if it was an X-over with
"X-over" written on it. All plugs had boots too.


	(Insert ;) as needed... ;) )

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