Cable Colors

Glenn Sieb ges at
Mon Jun 16 22:41:22 UTC 2008

JoeSox wrote:
> Hello Newbie here (hopefully I have the correct list),
> I was just wondering if anyone knows of a website with recommended
> colors for cables for a new datacenter?
> I have written some things down but I don't want to get stuck saying
> 'darn, I wish I would have bought this color for this type, now I am
> stuck'.
> What standard color to use if voice and data on same interface etc. Thanks.

Hmm. I've always done blue for "safe" or "internal" connections, red for 
machines on the DMZ or outside.

Perhaps Blue for internal data, Yellow for internal voice, Green for 

Don't know if there's a website on this, but you can definitely read 
about it in Tom Limoncelli's The Practice of System and Network 
Administration book.


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