Power/temperature monitoring

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This is basically the AKCP product, repackaged. =)


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We have had great luck, with Ravica Bitsight:

We use the smallest model, the Bitsight2, we have it at a solar site,
monitoring the voltage of a 12v battery bank (which also powers the unit),
along with 2 microwave radios and a 12v switch. It works great for this, and
they many other sensor types, but it is a bit pricey. It has a nice web gui
and users snmp and other forms of notification, and has built in graphing.
We used email messages with alerts when certain voltage levels were reached.


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Subject: Power/temperature monitoring

Hopefully monitoring the status of a network is on-topic.

I'm looking for temperature and power monitoring unit to install in some
remote BWA cabinets.  We had two incidents where we lost power in a town and
we weren't aware of it until the backup batter drained to empty, and another
situation where the cabinet became too cold.  Because these cabinets are
less than 19" wide and just 3-5" deep, I need something quite small.  I did
find one product but it requires four components (unit with built-in
temperature sensor, adapter, and AC power sensor, plus power supply)

Perhaps there's someone on this list who has gone down this road and can
point me to a good product.

- temperature sensor
- 110 VAC power monitoring (on/off, not necessarily current)
- Ethernet interface (at least SNMP, Web GUI and

- fed via 12 VDC power
- 12 VDC power monitoring (current)
- humidity sensor


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