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Ryan Harden hardenrm at uiuc.edu
Tue Jun 3 19:23:11 UTC 2008

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Overall Cogent has been okay. We've had a few issues over the last
several months. One specifically bothersome as it cropped up several
times. They basically kept rewriting their CoPP ACLs and kept dropping
my side of the /30 from the allow list. This caused our BGP session to
start flapping. Each time this happened it took several hours to
escalate to someone that understood the problem and could get it fixed.
Not even referencing old tickets would help their first line of Support.

On one call an engineer told me BGP was flapping because my config was
split into "address-family ipv4/ipv6 unicast/multicast" rather than one
big "router bgp" stanza.

We have a session with AT&T, so when Cogent does something stupid, we
aren't off the net...

Other than bidding for a contract in a building they didn't actually
have any resources, then trying to get us to pay for the costs of
building out there after they won....And the sales rep quitting right
after they won the RFP....they've been decent.


Greg VILLAIN wrote:
| On Jun 3, 2008, at 6:06 PM, TS Glassey wrote:
|> So at one time Cogent was one of the lowest performing bandwidth
|> providers. Anyone have any responses to their current operations?
|> regards,
|> Todd Glassey CISM CIFI
|> Chief Scientist/Founder - Certichron Inc
|> TGlassey at Wireless-Time.COM
|> 650-796-8178
| Couple remarks on their reputation in europe, I've never had Cogent
| transit, so this requires further investigation.
| They're the cheapest (cost-wise, I wouldn't venture to say
| technically-wise) in Europe, that's a fact.
| They often get into peering clashes against major actors, they've
| recently been in that situation with Telia, in the past with France's
| incumbent (Orange), Level 3 has also depeered them in the past, this is
| due to them being brokers and is inherent to their pricing policy - it
| certainly will keep happening to them in the future.
| The above point is from my perspective a show-stopper, but a good
| strategy I've very often heard from some of their customers is to use
| them to forward traffic towards exotic locations, where QoS is not an
| issue, or where revenue is not critical.
| Their IP core is supposedly a patch-work resulting from their numerous
| past acquisitions (PSINet, Lambdanet to name a few), which can explain
| the many outages they have.
| Still, the sales people in Europe are really kind, comprehensive and
| caring people, which makes it a little better, I suppose :)
| Hope this helped.
| Independant internet architect

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