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I'll probably be at 83rd and Amsterdam by 11p, This is my all time NYC favorite. <> 
If you're here on Thurs or beyond:
NYC is so large and  interesing that I wouldn't spend much time chasing food. You're in foodie heaven. See the Statute of Liberty, the 9/11 memorial, Empire State Building, ride the subway, go to Hoboken, or catch a glimpse of the UN. All great sites. Personally, I'd like to find a karaoke bar and sing "NY NY" with my Red Sox hat on. :-)
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>>       I also want to 2nd Little Italy ...

It's hard to choose from the plethora of Italian Restaurants on Mulberry St,
imcidentally just a $8 cab ride, or even a leisurely stroll, across the Manhattan Bridge from NANOG,
but I, as an area resident, swear by Da Nico (close to Broome).

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