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On Mon, Jun 02, 2008 at 09:45:41AM -0400, David Diaz wrote:
> Something Important to remember (I learned the hard way)
> Cell phones do not work on the metro so remember
> A C F
> Those are the trains that stop on the back corner of the hotel. A&C are BLUE
> LINE. F is BROWN i believe.

F trains on maps are orange lines.

Also, while this seems to have turned into the Newly Acclimated Newyork
Olfactory Glee list, I'll chime in:

( http://www.yelp.com/biz/bereket-turkish-kebab-house-new-york )
187 E Houston (pronounced HOW-STON, not like the city in Texas, 
also aka 0th street) at Orchard street, right across the Williamsburg
bridge in Manhattan

...has the best lamb kebabs I've ever had in my life, despite having
grown up in the Metro Detroit area (which has a huge middle eastern
population and tons of associated restaurants).   They're open 24 hours
and are easily my favorite restaurant in the tastiest-food category in
the entire United States.

Other POIs of interest to nanogers:

Datavision on 5th avenue near 40th street (Manhattan) has saved me in a
pinch when I've needed multimode cables (still dunno where to buy smf at
a retail shop in nyc).

Have fun in New York, it's my favorite city in America - I'd be there
myself to play tour guide with everyone except I'm in ORD at the moment
preparing for a transatlantic move for the summer (I'm coming back to NY
in the fall).

Most importantly, get out and roam around!  Touristy things that everyone
should see at least once:

Herald Square (appx 34th st/6th ave)

Times Square (~42s-49s, along 7a)

Union Square (14s/4a)

New York Harbor from Battery Park 
(take the 1 train in Manhattan all the way south to South Ferry, the
last stop.  Make sure you're in the first five front cars of the train.
Get out, walk past the coast guard/dhs to the park, and go down to the

Good luck,

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