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On Sun, Jun 01, 2008 at 10:54:40AM -0500, J. Oquendo wrote:
> As for the prior Brooklyn comment, Park Slope
> also has some great eats but the area/scene
> tends to be sort of artsy.
> The downtown Brooklyn area has some nice eats
> but I've always preferred the city. In the area
> of downtown Brooklyn, you'll typically find a
> bunch of people in local government and lawyers
> eating as the courts are downtown.
> For those looking for sweets, don't forget the
> ever famous (overhyped) Junior's Cheesecake.

Disclaimer: I've worked in the immediate area of this conference on
and off for over 30 years.  (In fact, I'm staring longingly down at
the Marriott Hotel from the office window right now...)

First, you simply must take a walk across the Brooklyn Bridge to
Manhattan (and back).  Exhilarating views, an unforgettable
experience, and you'd be participating in one of the more common
things that "all" NYC people do.  Just walk out the "front" door of
the hotel and turn right.  (Watch out for crazy bicyclists!)

Second, Junior's Cheesecake, overhyped as it is, is still arguably
among the best "domestic" cheesecakes, at least on the east coast.
You really ought to try it.  But, don't stop there -- the
brisket/corned-beef/pastrami on twin rolls is highly recommended.
(My personal favorite is their down-home matzoh-ball soup.)

Third, the Brooklyn Heights area is admittedly "artsy", but there's
lots of interesting and tasty variety.  I've had great food at
several Italian seafood-style places (although if that's your
preference, I'd encourage you to go to Vincent's in Little Italy
(lower Manhattan)).

Finally, I didn't see a destination that seems like it might be very
useful: Radio Shack (go out the "back" door of the hotel, turn right,
half a block to Willoughby, turn right, and it's right across the street
from the White Castle (which is its own "destination")).

P.S. If you're into bicycling, the Hudson River Park bikeway (runs about
10 miles along the western Manhattan shoreline) is a paved, fantasitc,
ride.  I don't know if the bike rental season has started yet, though.

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