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(Drifting further off topic). Another suggestion to add is the DUMBO area of brooklyn, down under mahattanville overpass, easy to reach from manhattan, take a nice stroll across the brooklyn bridge and your there, lots of cool restaurants.  Another bit of history, walk to montague street, yes the montague street mr dylan sings about in tangled up in blue. (some controversy over this) best way to walk is on the promenade along the east river, great views of manhattan.  Enjoy
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> It's in Harlem.  BOOOOOOO!!!!!

So is Columbia University!

Harlem is in the process of going through a
renaissance and has been over the past 10 or
more so things have changed for the better.
Just avoid going there after certain hours ;)

As for the prior Brooklyn comment, Park Slope
also has some great eats but the area/scene
tends to be sort of artsy. If you want to spend
some time sightseeing Brooklyn, the Brooklyn
Public Library (main one) Grand Army Plaza is
near the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Don't forget
Coney Island which has also changed in the last
decade. Again, watch those hours, NY is a Jeckyll
and Hyde city. Nice sometimes, beautiful to visit
but can be insanely ugly.

The downtown Brooklyn area has some nice eats
but I've always preferred the city. In the area
of downtown Brooklyn, you'll typically find a
bunch of people in local government and lawyers
eating as the courts are downtown.

For those looking for sweets, don't forget the
ever famous (overhyped) Junior's Cheesecake.
If you've travelled to Coney Island then one
cannot forget Nathan's. There are some really
good pubs in the Red Hook section, but alas
again, going through certain neighborhoods is
not for everyone. You can jump on a Water Taxi
there for kicks though. Makes for nice pictures
at night.

Sightseeing: Jump on a boat at night (booze
cruise) $25.00

Or just hop on an "On and Off" cruise:


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