Off topic - RE: So why don't US citizens get this?

Paul Wall pauldotwall at
Tue Jul 29 05:45:00 UTC 2008

On Mon, Jul 28, 2008 at 11:12 AM,  <nancyp at> wrote:
> ----Recommendation: Bandwidth purchase agreements (Service Level Agreements)
> that specify bandwidth, uptime and cost actually define connectivity thus they
> should contain a list of peers or network interconnections that will be
> maintained for the length of the agreement.
> Prepared by Nancy Paterson, York University July 23, 2008 nancyp at

How many buyers out there have SLAs which cover inter-provider/domain

How many sellers are willing to guarantee this level of connectivity
to their customers with a SLA?

How many peering contracts are worth the paper they're printed on, and
have teeth when subjected to attorney review, and none of the usual
30-90 day unilateral severability nonsense?

Therein lies your problem.

Drive Slow,
Paul Wall

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