Software router state of the art

Chris Stebner chris.stebner at
Mon Jul 28 21:19:35 UTC 2008

Jack Bates wrote:
> Chris Stebner wrote:
>> This solution can most be definitely be had for under 5 grand. with 
>> the RSP4+'s (ECC mem) youd be looking at greater than 99.99 percent 
>> uptime if configured with SSO.
> But if you end up needing BGP with full routes, throw that out the 
> window. The RSP16's are expensive (even used relative to the RSP4) and 
> usually necessarily for memory due to the current global routing table 
> size. They are still cheap on the used market compared to list of most 
> vendors, though.
> Jack
I was "assuming" some level of route filtering/summarization as he did 
mention a single t1/t3 (at least used the word "link" - singular). Good 
point though, if you need more than 512mb mem, your gonna have to shell 
out the extra $10k for the pair of RSP16's


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