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Charles Wyble charles at
Mon Jul 28 18:05:10 UTC 2008

Seth Mattinen wrote:
> michael.dillon at wrote:
>>> but knowing how bad Linux is at being a router and that their 
>>> products are Linux-based, I'm afraid to give one a try. J products 
>>> are based on a competing non-Linux platform that has a better 
>>> reputation for routing.
> Thanks for being oh-so-helpful with a serious question. Got any useful 
> answers for me? Give me a vendor that offers your suggestion. I don't 
> have time for a make-it-myself solution.

Hmmmm. Well then you probably don't want to use Linux/BSD as a router, 
as a substantial amount of DIY is required for anything beyond 
relatively simple routing. MPLS support (on Linux) for example is in 
early phases and requires integrating separate pieces and is best 
supported on Fedora9. Needless to say, Fedora isn't designed for 
reliable/stable operation and long term deployment.

I have yet to look into *BSD based solutions, but hear very good things 
about firewall performance. I don't know about BGP/OSPF/MPLS etc support 
on FreeBSD but am going to wager a guess its on par with Linux if not 

To address another point made in this thread, see which 
addresses hardware multiqueue device support under Linux. Its from 
2007.  I think there was a question about Linux/multiqueue support in 
this thread, but I am not 100% sure. :)

I think there was mention of Vyatta earlier in the thread and some talk 
about it switching from Xorp to Quagga, and a supposition that should 
improve it.

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