Arbitrary de-peering

Jon Lewis jlewis at
Mon Jul 28 16:51:01 UTC 2008

On Mon, 28 Jul 2008, William Waites wrote:

> Surprising because, Cogent (or Telia, but from what you say here, looks 
> like Cogent), presumably put themselves in a breach of contract position 
> with their (end-user or stub AS) customers who one would imagine have 
> bought "Internet service" from them. Given that they have some 
> reasonably big/important customers it is surprising that they would take 
> that risk, and even more surprising that it didn't bite them too hard. 
> By maybe I am just easily surprised.

But, AFAICT, Cogent has done this before and even combined it with the 
publicity stunt of offering free peering to any single-homed Level3 
customer for a year.

>> Tier 1 means you don't buy transit, no?
> Maybe a slightly revised definition of Tier 1 is in order -- a provider 
> that doesn't buy transit and doesn't sell to end-users or stub systems.

I don't know that you'll find a Tier 1 that doesn't sell to end-user 
networks.  It's kind of what they do.  Once you start buying transit, all 
the bigger networks probably figure they can get you to "pay us too."

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