Arbitrary de-peering

William Waites ww at
Mon Jul 28 15:54:45 UTC 2008

Le 08-07-28 à 17:29, Patrick W. Gilmore a écrit :
> One should check one's assumptions before posting to 10K+ of their  
> not-so-close friends.

Firstly I missed the actual incident since I was off the 'net for an  
extended period about that
time, so apologies for any rehash.

> Neither network has transit.  What other path is there to take?

"Then Cogent de-peered Telia and suddenly Verizon and others started  
providing a path
between the two and their respective customers."

Which is as it should be. Then somebody (not clear who) apparently  
took explicit steps
to stop the traffic from taking these other paths. Surprising.  
Severing a peering relationship
is one thing, purposely filtering large swathes of the Internet over  
other all links is quite

As I said, this is surprising behaviour, but not simple de-peering.  
And I'm sure that any
Tier 1 has enough peering relationships with enough other Tier 1  
networks that they can
always buy temporary transit privileges over an existing link.


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