So why don't US citizens get this?

Michal Krsek michal at
Mon Jul 28 13:23:15 UTC 2008

>> The US is so spread out that anything to do with transportation, being 
>> people, packages, or ip packets becomes quite costly.
> Well then, let's take Sweden:
> total: 449,964 sq km
> This is slightly larger than california. We're 9 million.
> I think at least 90% of Swedish households have access to at least ADSL 
> 2M/1M, and 95% of households have access to 384kbit/s UMTS mobile 
> wireless.
> So, we're 9 million, Californa is what, 60million, on the same surface 
> area. Is there any reason why california, in itself one of the largest 
> economies in the world, seems to have problems delivering anything close 
> to broadband to its inhabitants? So yes, the US must have structural 
> problems here...

Have you tried to use any "distribution of people" function on your numbers?

Here in CZ we have more railroads than you in SE or California in US have. 
But I'm very far away to argue that Sweden or California have structural 
problems ...


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