cogent bgp filtering policies?

John van Oppen john at
Sun Jul 27 09:59:27 UTC 2008

Now that I am on my third round of an email argument with cogent's
support department about adding prefixes to our filters (and them not
understanding why I want le 24 matches on the blocks from which we
allocate subnets to multi-homed customers) I figure it would be a good
idea to ask if anyone has ever gotten cogent to setup any IRR based
filtering on a customer connection.   


We are a small-ish regional transit provider in the northwest announcing
> 100 prefixes and just spent the last few days writing emails and
calling trying to get cogent to accept more than 30% of the routes we
were announcing.    We have IRR (radb to be specific) filters set up
with our other four providers which really lowered my tolerance for
having to go round and round to get prefixes added.   Heck, at this
point I would settle for a direct email address for their engineering
department just to avoid the arguments with the support monkeys.



I should note that this is actually the second time I have had this
issue (the last time was with one of our customers and their cogent
connection) even though we only turned up our service recently.


John van Oppen



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