So why don't US citizens get this?

Colin Alston karnaugh at
Sun Jul 27 08:46:43 UTC 2008

On 2008/07/27 10:18 AM Randy Bush wrote:
> the fact is that real 100m/100m is about USD30/mo in japan.  in the
> states, i pay about USD90 for 256k/768k.  as far as the internet is
> concerned, the united states is a third world country.

I currently pay (converted from ZAR to USD) $40/m for 192k/384k DSL. 
That gives me a pair to the exchange DSLAM, no internet. On top of 
that, I pay $10/m for each GB used on that line.
My average spend on plain old POTS DSL is $100/m.

If the US is the third world of telecoms, S.A. is the 50th world.

Please /do/ moan about government incompetence, drug induced 
legislation and failure for the stupidest people on this earth to 
understand free market economy (and where it works).
Please /don't/ pretend to be in the worst position out there, because 
I have some gruelling stories to tell... :)

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