Software router state of the art

Dorn Hetzel dhetzel at
Sat Jul 26 06:41:21 CDT 2008

Ok, it's probably a stupid question, but given the relative ease of putting
4gb+ ram on a 64bit platform,
could packet per second performance be improved by brute forcing the route
lookup as an array of 1 byte destination interface indexes for a contiguous
swath of /32's from bottom to top?

Route updates would be a little ugly, 2^24 bytes to rewrite for a /8, but
forwarding lookups out to be a single indexed read ?

On Sat, Jul 26, 2008 at 7:31 AM, Adrian Chadd <adrian at>wrote:

> On Sat, Jul 26, 2008, Colin Alston wrote:
> > >And I always ask that question when people claim really high(!)
> throughput
> > >on
> > >software forwarding. It turns out their throughput was single
> source/single
> > >dest, and/or large packets (so high throughput, but low pps.)
> >
> > I assume though that all of this is on x86 platform hardware. How does
> > this compare to Linux or FreeBSD running on something else like the
> > Cavium Octeon and other 64bit MIPS based processors?
> You'll have to ask the people playing with it on that.
> Me, I've been looking for some multicore MIPS + fruit for some Squid
> related hackery but I've been busy with other things (like, you know,
> making Squid-2 be able to be run on multi-core hardware in the first
> place..) so it'll have to wait.. :)
> Adrian

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