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Sargun Dhillon sdhillon at
Fri Jul 25 17:49:00 UTC 2008

It would be very useful if there was an effort from the telecom 
community to develop a dynamic routing frontend like Quagga. The amount 
of human work that it requires in order to build up a product is 
enormous. If only someone with millions of dollars could donate 
engineers. It would allow the deployment of small branch office systems 
at a much lower cost.

Would you rather deploy a $3000 cisco edge box which is a unexpandable, 
100 mbit piece of crap, or throw two $2000 Dell boxes and have a 1 GigE 

Joe Greco wrote:
>> Last thing to say is, I haven't tried upgrading since Vyatta abandoned 
>> the XORP platform and moved to the Quagga platform, but I'm guessing 
>> (based on experience w/ Quagga) that they have a lot fewer of these 
>> quirks that I've described.
> Quagga is pretty decent, but it is not uncommon for serious bugs to go
> unaddressed for a long time.  For example, this bug renders Quagga
> nearly unusable for OSPF on FreeBSD 7,
> which resulted in some finger-pointing, but the last I heard, it was 
> due to a kernel interface change where FreeBSD multicast code had been 
> rewritten and was DTRT, while Linux was doing something else.
> This is probably still better than the XORP platform, but it is 
> unfortunate.
> ... JG

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