Exploit for DNS Cache Poisoning - RELEASED

Tomas L. Byrnes tomb at byrneit.net
Thu Jul 24 23:24:05 UTC 2008

The problem is, once the ICANNt root is self-signed, the hope of ever
revoking that dysfunctional mess as authority is gone.

Perhaps the IETF or DoC should sign the root, that way we have a prayer
of wresting control from ICANN, as opposed to paying a tax, in
perpetuity, for registration services to an unaccountable, unelected,
and imperious body?

Some of us don't think the UN/EU/ITU are good models for governance.

IE: Separation of powers. ICANN/IANA is granted (interim) authority to
operate, but some other governing body signs.

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> jmamodio at gmail.com ("Jorge Amodio") writes:
> > As I mentioned in another message, perhaps its time to get serious 
> > about DNSSEC, where are we on this front ?
> Still waiting for US-DoC to give ICANN/IANA permission to 
> sign the root zone.
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