Paul Vixie: Re: [dns-operations] DNS issue accidentally leaked?

Paul Vixie vixie at
Thu Jul 24 23:18:12 UTC 2008

jra at ("Jay R. Ashworth") writes:

>> and if you have time after that, write a letter to your congressman
>> about the importance of DNSSEC, which sucks green weenies, and is a
>> decade late, and which has no business model, but which the internet
>> absolutely dearly needs.
> But it seems to me that Paul, you are here espousing the opinion that
> there's no business value in people being able to trust that the domain
> name they heard on a TV ad and typed into a browser (let's ignore phishing
> for the moment) actually takes them to E-Trade, and not RBN.
> Am I misunderstanding you?

yes.  and if you re-ask this on dns-operations at, i'll explain.
Paul Vixie

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