SANS: DNS Bug Now Public?

Joe Abley jabley at
Wed Jul 23 17:11:18 UTC 2008

On 23 Jul 2008, at 12:16, Jorge Amodio wrote:

> Let me add that folks need to understand that the "patch" is not a  
> fix to a
> problem that has been there for long time and
> it is just a workaround to reduce the chances for a potential
> attack, and it must be combined with best practices and
> recommendations to implent a more robust DNS setup.

Having just seen some enterprise types spend time patching their  
nameservers, it's also perhaps worth spelling out that "patch" in this  
case might require more than upgrading resolver code -- it could also  
involve reconfigurations, upgrades or replacements of NAT boxes too.  
If your NAT reassigns source ports in a predictable fashion, then no  
amount of BIND9 patching is going to help.

(Reconfiguring your internal resolvers to forward queries to an  
external, patched resolver which can see the world other than through  
NAT-coloured glasses may also be a way out.)


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