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Chris Adams cmadams at
Wed Jul 23 18:16:32 UTC 2008

Once upon a time, Adam Armstrong <lists at> said:
> Sounds like a Juniper J-series. Have a look at the forwarding figures 
> for the J6350. It does something around 2mpps and it's just an intel CPU 
> with some PCI/PCI-X interfaces. The device just below it, the J4350 uses 
> a 2.53Ghz celeron. I'm not sure what the J6350 uses.

IIRC the new slots (the EPIMs) are PCI-E.  The J6350 CPU is a P4 3.4GHz.
It is my understanding that the J-series use a real-time layer under the
FreeBSD kernel and have a real-time thread for forwarding (as opposed to
the M-series with a hardware forwarding engine).

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