virtual aggregation in IETF

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Mon Jul 21 13:35:48 UTC 2008

Joel Jaeggli <joelja at> writes:

> That said I think you're headed to high end again. It has been
> routinetly posited that fib growth hurts the people on the edge more
> than in the center. I don't buy that for the reason outlined in my
> original response. If my pps requirements are moderate my software
> router can carry a fib of effectively arbitrary size at a lower cost
> than carrying the same fib in cam.

While that's true, planned obsolescence in terms of ram
non-expandability from certain <cough> vendors leaves people on the
edge (who often have to scrape by on thin budgets) hurting badly
enough as to offset any theoretical software-vs-hardware router
advantage they may have originally had.


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