Line rate gigabit router/switch options

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Sun Jul 20 02:58:16 UTC 2008

If you don't need a full table or 10G, a sup32 6503 chassis bundle is
very affordable. 8 sfp and 1 copper port for about 9k after discount.

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>> What about a 6524 switch?  Or a Juniper EX 4200?
> 6524? Sounds like a bit of overkill to me.
> As far as the EX4200, it might do the job in a bit, but, as of the
> latest JunOS release, too many features are supported for us to use them
> as full-function routers. Maybe in a release or two (late this year),
> they will be ready. The hardware is most impressive.
> Note that they will not handle full routes. I believe that they do about
> 12K routes, so they may be fine for you application. They do all of the
> "standard" protocols, but they don't so MPLS yet. I'm not quite sure
> when this will make it into JunOS.
> I'm quite impressed with the potential of this box and, as a layer 2
> switch, they run very well. Just some serious limitations for layer
> 3.
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