SBCglobal routing loop.

Mike Lewinski mike at
Sat Jul 19 00:03:20 UTC 2008

Aaron Glenn wrote:

> I think it should be clear to those posting here as a last ditch
> effort that they should certainly outline the steps they've already
> taken -- basically justifying their post to NANOG: "I tried X, waited
> Y, got Z, and now I'm here"

To give an example:

I started with the customer care support line (in a concall with our 
client who was also their client). Then I moved onto various email 
contacts. Since my problem was partially DNS related, I tried the SOA 
mailto address. Since the other part of my problem was email related I 
tried postmaster at . I also tried to mail the ARIN whois contacts (but a 
bug in my client software prevented me from getting the record, and 
since the error appeared to be on the RPs side it looked to be a dead end)

Then I went onto Jared's NOC list, as well as the INOC-DBA directory.

By the time I resorted to posting here, I had exhausted every feasible 
contact method I could think of. And yes, that meant waiting days for 
resolution BEFORE posting here, and some additional days AFTER posting 
here before actually getting the help I needed.

INOC-DBA is still a great idea, BTW, and would be even more useful if it 
were more widely used:

Also, to second another poster's point, most "routing loops" aren't 
really routing problems per-se, as much as localized link failures and 
the absence of naildown routes (we use the naildowns on all 
point-to-point circuits for this reason, since we don't run routing 
protocol on CPE).

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