Cisco vs Adtran vs Juniper

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Fri Jul 18 15:55:44 UTC 2008

It could be 10 years.. not 100% sure .... 5 or 10 still makes a dent in
Cisco's approach to be honest...

Still wondering if anyone knows how the Cisco lifetime warranty really

Thanks again,


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> Thanks guys so far for the responses....
> Adtran has a 5 year warranty and support for free as of today - I'm
> not
> aware of this changing but we've had a number of other companies
> change
> that policy in the past couple of years after purchasing a LOT of
> gear
> from them (Motorola, Redline come to mind among others).

I thought this was 10 years, but if not, I do apologize.  They may have
changed it to 5 "recently?"...I've always been led to believe by my
highly cost-sensitive superiors that it's 10 years, but they often get
things wrong just to get us to purchase the most "cost-effective"
product out there.  ;-)


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