Cisco vs Adtran vs Juniper

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Fri Jul 18 15:18:12 UTC 2008

Hi there..

I'm looking for some constructive feedback on **real world** experiences

We're primarily a Cisco shop today - our core and distribution are all
Cisco driven and will continue to be (won't change that so not worth
discussing today).

My question is oriented towards two other markets primarily:

Security Devices
Remote Office/Customer Site Devices

Let me elaborate a bit more...

Security - today, we've been deploying Cisco ASA boxes (was PIX before
that) with pretty good success.  However, in comparison to Juniper the
Cisco boxes are *really* expensive - at least to us anyways.  Juniper
has nice products so I'm looking at proposing a solution internally to
move towards the Juniper security appliances.  Feedback from folks on
them vs Cisco ASA??

Remote Office/Customer Site Devices - today, we do a lot of "managed
routers" to customer sites.  Again, cost driven, I'm being pushed
towards looking at Adtran devices for customer sites that we maintain.
I have nothing against Adtran but haven't viewed them to date as being
in the same "arena" as Cisco/Juniper etc..  these routers are mainly
providing basic firewalling/NAT and some very small VPN activity at

To take this one step further, some of our voice folks are really
enjoying the Adtran boxes as it offers an "all in one solution" which is
a router, firewall, "voice" box (many options - PRI handoff, T1,
FXS/FXO) and in some of their boxes 24 POE switch ports as well.  This
is kinda cool I'll admit but the approach in the past has been to drop
in a Cisco router, Adtran for voice applications, and then Cisco POE
switches if required.  This is very costly compared to Adtran's all in
one approach.... so am I being stubborn on this or is the Adtran
products in this case in the same league??  I had some terrible track
record with Adtran a number of years ago so my back gets up when their
name is mentioned...;)

Any feedback would be very appreciated - we're going to have meetings
internally in the next while to decide which product lines fit with
which service offerings the best....





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