Force10 E300 vs. Juniper MX480

Eric Van Tol eric at
Fri Jul 18 15:03:11 UTC 2008

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> Sure Foundry might be cheaper but I hear
> more complaining about Foundry than any other platform.

I'd like to hear about the complaints regarding Foundry.  Off-list is fine, as I believe this may be off-topic for NANOG.  We've been considering using Foundry and during testing they seemed to work just fine, but as everyone knows, a lab environment rarely mimics real life.  I found a few highly annoying quirks, most of them with the CLI (why are my config mode commands shown in my operational mode command history, including partial question-marked commands? argh!), but interoperability with both Juniper and Cisco in an MPLS lab environment didn't present any showstoppers.


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