weirdness with Extreme

Andy Grosser andy at
Thu Jul 17 17:44:41 UTC 2008

Has anyone else seen this kind of thing before?

2 Extreme Black Diamond 6804s (ExtremeWare 7.2.0b37) at the core 
(active/standby) start to fight over which of them is master for a
particular VLAN.  They go back and forth for maybe a minute, and for a 
brief period, the master switch seems to fight with itself over which will 
cede master status.  The log messages indicate either high/low port count,
or high/low priority, for that particular vlan.  ESRP then forces access 
switches hanging off the cores to flush their forwarding databases.  All 
activity takes place within a span of just over a minute, then dies.

Extreme doesn't have anything to report yet.  Just wondering if anyone has 
seen behavior like this in an Extreme environment.



Andy Grosser
andy [at] meniscus {dot} org

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