Managed, cheap, DC power switches

Paul Stewart pstewart at
Wed Jul 16 18:03:22 UTC 2008

Or at least buy Cisco refurb and save $$$...;)

We have lots of 2950's in use ... moving to 2960's for low end
applications currently - then moving to 3560 etc from there....

You might also checkout the Express500 stuff... more basic switch and
priced right.....


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2.5K? No way. Get used or refurbished from Network Hardware or similar
outlet. We rarely buy new. Used gear works just fine.

Tim Sanderson, network administrator
tims at

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Subject: Managed, cheap, DC power switches

I have a need for cheap managed DC power switches for our OSS and
Monitoring (backoffice).  I was wondering what everyone else have
found in this space.  I am currently using Cisco 2950's, but those are
still 2.5K list and seems like too much to spend on something so

I am looking for something with:
 * Better port density (48 ports per 1U), but 24 ports would work.
 * IOS like configuration (not needed, but would be nice not to
crosstrain my team)  I really don't want anything that is Web only.
 * CHEAP.  The gear is mostly just for monitoring and big backplanes
and features are not really needed.





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