Building a BGP test network

Richard Mortier mort at
Fri Jul 11 18:51:17 UTC 2008

On 9 Jul 2008, at 18:49, William Waites wrote:

> Le 08-07-09 à 19:36, Ariel Biener a écrit :
>> I have been pondering over this issue for some time now (not too much
>> time to invest on it), since I wanted to created a duplicate model  
>> of our
>> production network in a test environment, not connected to any  
>> outside
>> network (thus cannot peer, same problem as described here).
> What about ?
> It doesn't do everything being designed for the reverse problem --  
> pulling routes from a live BGP network for analysis. But it does  
> include a BGP speaker and the ability to read and write MRTD files.  
> I imagine with relatively little work it could be coaxed to read an  
> MRTD dump and send the entries to a test peer.


as the author of pyrt, i'd just like to say that extending it to act  
as a bgp speaker able to read an MRTD file in and push it out down a  
peering as a series of updates ought indeed to be straightforward.   
it used to be able to read routeviews and ris BGP update and rib  
dumps ca. 2001/2002 as i used them for testing before we got the live  
feeds from sprintlink setup; it's possible that new attributes and  
suchlike might mean that it has problems with current dumps, but that  
ought to be similarly easy to fix.  let me know if you run into any  
problems with pyrt and i'll see what i can do to help!

(i'm just pleased that someone might still want to use the code :)

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