[ot] Re: Thanks

jamie j at arpa.com
Fri Jul 11 04:28:09 UTC 2008

Nice .. Wish I'd gotten the same response when I'd nog-paged looking for an
AIM"(R)" [|net|ptn.aol] engineer.

(..which i'm still looking for, cough).

On Thu, Jul 10, 2008 at 11:05 PM, Andrew D Kirch <trelane at trelane.net>

> I got a reply from several network engineers at Comcast, and they're now
> working on a resolution.  Thanks for the fast work guys!
> Andrew

Would you like a little bit of legal advice?
NEVER let a scientist use the words "unanticipated" and "immediate" in the
same sentence.
Okay? Okay.

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