Building a BGP test network

William Waites ww at
Wed Jul 9 17:49:03 UTC 2008

Le 08-07-09 à 19:36, Ariel Biener a écrit :
> I have been pondering over this issue for some time now (not too much
> time to invest on it), since I wanted to created a duplicate model  
> of our
> production network in a test environment, not connected to any outside
> network (thus cannot peer, same problem as described here).

What about ?

It doesn't do everything being designed for the reverse problem --  
pulling routes from a live BGP network for analysis. But it does  
include a BGP speaker and the ability to read and write MRTD files. I  
imagine with relatively little work it could be coaxed to read an MRTD  
dump and send the entries to a test peer.


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