Building a BGP test network

Ariel Biener ariel at
Wed Jul 9 17:36:11 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 09 July 2008 18:26, Howard Jones wrote:
> I've done this in the (distant) past by taking the output from 'show ip 
> route' from one of our live transit routers, and awking it into a load 
> of 'route add' commands on a spare FreeBSD box. Run quagga on that, and 
> hook it into your test network. I needed to change some sysctl 
> parameters to allow for that many routes though - and that was when it 
> was 90K routes, not 230K :-)

I might be missing something, but this is not emulating the real thing,
since all the AS paths are gone, aren't they ?  All the natural BGP environment
is also gone, since show ip route will only show the route that ended up
in the RIB, while show ip bgp might show a few paths to a route, with
one of them being best.

I have been pondering over this issue for some time now (not too much
time to invest on it), since I wanted to created a duplicate model of our
production network in a test environment, not connected to any outside
network (thus cannot peer, same problem as described here).

 Ariel Biener
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