Building a BGP test network

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The problem with the Adtech and the Router Tester and other similar routing protocol generation tools is while they are good at generating a lot of routes and helping to test routing protocol scalability, they usually just send the routes in the configured range in a contiguous, non-randomized fashion, with uniform prefix-masks, etc. This is very friendly to most typical radix-tree implementations, so if you want to test something like routing protocol convergence, you'll want something that can randomize the routes as much as possible.  There are certainly tools out there that that can play back route tables, including one very commonly used proprietary tool created and used internally by one of the *big* vendors for testing their routers. If you do a bit of digging you should be able to find it.


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Do you have access to an Adtech or equivalent tester?  Our AX4000 has the ability to fake a routing table.  Just give it a range of prefixes and a range of prefix-lengths.

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> I should clarify that my test network is not connected to the Internet
> or any other network.  I would normally just peer and get the
> table, but
> I don't have that ability.  I'm open to anything that could act like a
> BGP router where I could feed it an existing RIB.
> Jason Lewis wrote:
> > I'm building a BGP test network and I'd like to replicate a
> full route
> > table on a few of my routers.  I thought I might be able to
> use Quagga
> > and insert a rib dump, but I'm not finding a lot of info on if it's
> > possible.  (I've pinged the quagga list and didn't get any response)
> >
> > So my question is, is it possible to feed a router on a private test
> > network a full route table from a RIB snapshot?  I have to think
> > someone has done it and I'm just not searching for the right things.
> > Thanks,
> >
> > jas
> >
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