Building a BGP test network

Jason Lewis jlewis at
Wed Jul 9 14:54:40 UTC 2008

I should clarify that my test network is not connected to the Internet 
or any other network.  I would normally just peer and get the table, but 
I don't have that ability.  I'm open to anything that could act like a 
BGP router where I could feed it an existing RIB. 

Jason Lewis wrote:
> I'm building a BGP test network and I'd like to replicate a full route 
> table on a few of my routers.  I thought I might be able to use Quagga 
> and insert a rib dump, but I'm not finding a lot of info on if it's 
> possible.  (I've pinged the quagga list and didn't get any response)
> So my question is, is it possible to feed a router on a private test 
> network a full route table from a RIB snapshot?  I have to think 
> someone has done it and I'm just not searching for the right things.
> Thanks,
> jas

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