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Sun Jul 6 15:09:16 UTC 2008

After doing a bit of digging, it doesn't appear the any of the tacid.org ip-space is blacklisted (one less battle I have to fight). Fortune 100? Nope. Just a small non-profit org in Tacoma, WA, that got their exchange box rooted. I'm still trying to figure out the full extent of the damage done, but this point, I believe 99.7% of the outbound mail is legit. In-bound is another story entirely, but that's my own private hell to deal with.
 Thanks all for the input

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>Leaving a domain and IP fallow for such a long time will end up looking like
>my garden did this year when I did the same thing -- overrun with weeds.
>Sending a blanket e-mail to NANOG is not going to get the attention of those
>who manage the e-mail flow (unless you domain belonged to a Fortune 100).
>Just like I should have with my garden, rather than replant among the weed
>seeds and spend 99% of my time pulling weeds, I would recommend sowing a new
>field by moving your outbound e-mail server(s) to some fresh address space
>(different /24 to be sure, ideally another section of SWIPed space) and
>start monitoring your outgoing servers logs.  You'll need to work with each
>MTA that blocks your e-mail and ask them to delist you from whatever block
>(domain or domain reputation) that they have.  At the same time,
>systematically go to every RBL that tracks by domain name and check the
>status of your domain and request delisting as necessary.
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> My name is Nick, and I have inherited admin duties for tacid.org. For an
>un-known amount of time (A month or more?) mail.tacid.org has been an
>open-relay, and sending out large amounts of spam. This should now be fixed.
>If anyone is having issues with this domain still, please contact me off
>Thank you,

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