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Sat Jul 5 20:21:55 UTC 2008


Leaving a domain and IP fallow for such a long time will end up looking like
my garden did this year when I did the same thing -- overrun with weeds.

Sending a blanket e-mail to NANOG is not going to get the attention of those
who manage the e-mail flow (unless you domain belonged to a Fortune 100).

Just like I should have with my garden, rather than replant among the weed
seeds and spend 99% of my time pulling weeds, I would recommend sowing a new
field by moving your outbound e-mail server(s) to some fresh address space
(different /24 to be sure, ideally another section of SWIPed space) and
start monitoring your outgoing servers logs.  You'll need to work with each
MTA that blocks your e-mail and ask them to delist you from whatever block
(domain or domain reputation) that they have.  At the same time,
systematically go to every RBL that tracks by domain name and check the
status of your domain and request delisting as necessary.



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 My name is Nick, and I have inherited admin duties for tacid.org. For an
un-known amount of time (A month or more?) mail.tacid.org has been an
open-relay, and sending out large amounts of spam. This should now be fixed.
If anyone is having issues with this domain still, please contact me off
Thank you,

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