Replacement for Avaya CNA/RouteScience

Robert E. Seastrom rs at
Thu Jul 3 16:50:58 UTC 2008

Eric Van Tol <eric at> writes:

> I'd like to hire that engineer, please.  Can you send me his resume?
> Here's the job description:
>  - Required to works 24x7x365.
>  - Must monitor all network egress points to examine latency, retransmissions, packet loss, link utilization, and link cost.
>  - Required to "tweak localpref" on an average of 5000 prefixes per day, based upon a combination of the above criteria.
>  - Required to write up a daily, weekly, and monthly report to be sent to all managers on said schedule.
>  - Must not require health or dental care.
> These devices are not a replacement for an actual engineer.  They
> are a supplement to the network to assist the engineer in doing what
> he should be doing - engineering and planning as opposed to
> resolving some other network's packet loss/blackhole/peering
> dispute/latency problem.

You can certainly get close to the requirements stated above by
offering a decent salary and hiring a reasonably clued engineer with
an SP background.  You may have to settle for IRC, WoW, or SecondLife
as daily recreational activity that doesn't buy you much (expressed in
your requirements list as "tweaking localpref").

My general experience with such boxes is that they're awfully good at
impressing the PHBs, but not something you can really defend from a
cost/benefit perspective.  I really do need to go into the "custom
painted boxes with LCD screens on the front" business.  I could make
"melons", like Tom Vu.


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