Replacement for Avaya CNA/RouteScience

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Thu Jul 3 16:29:27 UTC 2008

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> Going off this and previous posts, you'd well-served to follow the
> advice you sarcastically dispense, and hire an engineer.
> Opex and capex (spread over a ~2 year product lifetime) costs for the
> above solutions in a small (several gigabits, several transit
> providers) environment are right up there with the salary of a junior
> to mid-level networking professional in most markets.  By hiring a
> live human, you get not only somebody who can tweak localpref, but
> also a critical thinker who can aid in troubleshooting outages and
> help you plan for growth.
> Paul

I'd like to hire that engineer, please.  Can you send me his resume?  Here's the job description:

 - Required to works 24x7x365.
 - Must monitor all network egress points to examine latency, retransmissions, packet loss, link utilization, and link cost.
 - Required to "tweak localpref" on an average of 5000 prefixes per day, based upon a combination of the above criteria.
 - Required to write up a daily, weekly, and monthly report to be sent to all managers on said schedule.
 - Must not require health or dental care.

These devices are not a replacement for an actual engineer.  They are a supplement to the network to assist the engineer in doing what he should be doing - engineering and planning as opposed to resolving some other network's packet loss/blackhole/peering dispute/latency problem.


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