Replacement for Avaya CNA/RouteScience

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Thu Jul 3 16:07:57 UTC 2008

what does vyatta have to do with route intelligence/optimization?

vyatta is just a router..


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Have you considered any of the options from Vyatta?
Aside from the "roll your own" community offerings they also have a
precompiled virtual appliance as well as a physical appliance you can

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Subject: Replacement for Avaya CNA/RouteScience

        Howdy for reasons it might be inappropriate to discuss on this
list we've decided that we're going to replace our Avaya/RouteScience
box and we're looking for recommendations on different solutions for
'BGP management appliances'.

        We're aware of the Internap FCP product, but is there anything
else out there besides 'oy, hire a BGP admin ya tool!' that anyone can

        As always, comments are appreciated.


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