Failover solution using BGP

Naveen Nathan naveen at
Wed Dec 31 03:59:17 UTC 2008

Thank to everyone that took the time to respond with their ideas.

To those who asked, the client didn't provide details on the application.
However they were insistent that it wasn't possible to have it run in an
active/active configuration, so load balancing at either the application
or BGP level wasn't an option. Also they didn't want to subnet the space
for the failover location, so it's all or nothing style routing.

Of the several solutions presented the two that seem to be simple to
implement and guarantee traffic were conditional route advertisements
or using more specific routes.

I was unable to find information for conditional route advertisements in
JunOS, so it seems like advertising specific routes at the primary option
will be the easiest option. If anyone has information on conditional
routing for JunOS, I would be much appreciative if you could send this
to me.

Happy Holidays everyone.

- Naveen

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