Level 3 issues

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marco wrote:

>>From what I heard, it was some some malfunction with a router in
> Washington D.C. which terminated a 100GB bundle from Paris. It was 
> carring about 50GB at the time of the failure.
> Not sure why routes within the US would be effected.
<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< did ya think about BGP extensions... It could be a
host of things, like communitites, MEDs, you name it.

We connect to level3 in Ashburn/DC and saw traffic drop 50% in both
directions on that port.  Testing showed 100% loss on 50% of the flows.
We shut that port down and now it won't come back up.  I have link but
no arp for their IP.  This is a new link that was turned up in the past
few weeks.

- Kevin

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