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Sun Dec 28 20:44:04 UTC 2008

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IMHO, this is exactly what service providers love to hear in order for
them not to be forth coming.


Matthew Petach wrote:
> On 12/28/08, Blake Pfankuch <bpfankuch at cpgreeley.com> wrote:
>> Any word on the actual cause of the issue?
> Given the lurking presence of wannabe press vultures here, I
> doubt you'll see anything forthcoming from the technical folks
> about what actually happened.  This is not to say that people
> haven't been informed of the issue, it's simply that NANOG is
> no longer a friendly hapy techie-only place where such information
> can be shared without it being seized on and quoted without
> permission by the press.
> Bitter?  Just a bit, yes.  After having what I mentioned here get
> quoted by the press without permission, it's very clear that there
> will be no more technical commentary/feedback/information flow
> through this channel from me or any of the other people at the
> company for which I work, more's the pity.  If you can find a
> forum where engineers can share information freely without
> having to worry about being quoted by the press, you might
> try enquiring there.  ^_^;
> Matt
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