What to do when your ISP off-shores tech support

Seth Mattinen sethm at rollernet.us
Sun Dec 28 19:05:28 UTC 2008

Matthew Black wrote:
> On Sat, 27 Dec 2008 11:53:18 +0000
>  Martin List-Petersen <martin at airwire.ie> wrote:
>> The problem is, and this was stated by the original poster, that the
>> lads off-shore he deals with have no clue and simply stick to the
>> script. No intention of looking what the real problem is. And that
>> problem lies not in the call center. It is the deal, that $TELCO struck
>> with $CALLCENTER and the procedures, that were put in place, that are
>> the problem.
>> Only solution: find a provider, who's support (off-shore or not) does
>> have a clue, has an escalation process and is willing to find a solution.
> How does one find such a provider? I'm unaware of any company
> that lets potential customers test drive their $SERVICE call center
> before purchase. Even if one did, how is a potential customer
> supposed to evaluate the competence of said call center when
> customer has no clue as to what problems may arise 5 years after
> purchase of provider's service, whether said test drive provided
> an accurate and appropriate solution, and whether said call center
> quality will exist 5 years after purchase of the service.

Ask people for recomendations. There were several early in this thread 
you dismissed (i.e. dslextreme) because they weren't a CLEC or were too 


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