IPv6: IS-IS or OSPFv3

Adam Armstrong lists at memetic.org
Sat Dec 27 23:45:46 UTC 2008

TJ wrote:
>> ... not to mention that fact that IS-IS is, IMHO, a much nicer IGP to work
> with.
> WRT that last sentence, that is an almost religious debate I was trying to
> avoid starting ... :)
Well IMHO it's a very important point to consider. This is a great 
chance to switch your IGP, if you've ever wanted to. You *need* to 
deploy a new one anyways, so it's a great opportunity to see if you can 
simplify your network by migrating. Especially as OSPFv3 *isnt* the same 
as OSPFv2, so you will have to learn new things either way!

Oh, and I *am* in the process of organising a Crusade to wipe out those 
heretical OSPF supporters once and for all... ;)


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