IPv6: IS-IS or OSPFv3

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Having worked for seveal SP's 'tier 1' and otherwise along with a couple of router vendors IMO MT is one of those thing people ask for just in case.  Sure we _could_ always find a use for it, but we don't always look at the potential diffrent IGP topologies are going to cause for our NOC staff @ 2am over a holiday weekend when some does decide to break.

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> For IS-IS, highly recommend MT to avoid any nasties while
> turning up v6 in a dual-stack environment.

as one who has been burned when topologies are not congruent, i gotta 
ask.  if i do not anticipate v4 and v6 having different topologies, and 
all my devices are dual-capable, would you still recommend mt for other 
than future-proofing?


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