What to do when your ISP off-shores tech support

Roy r.engehausen at gmail.com
Wed Dec 24 19:42:08 UTC 2008

Etaoin Shrdlu wrote:
> Randy Bush wrote:
>> On 08.12.24 12:43, Jay Hennigan wrote:
>>> Matthew Black wrote:
>>>> I've had difficulties reaching anyone with a brain
>>>> at my DSL provider Verizon California.
>>> Switch to a local ISP with local tech support.
>> bingo.
> Uh, ditto? Having left SoCal a couple of years ago, my data is a bit
> stale. However, I happily used XO+Covad in three separate locations
> (in SoCal). DSLExtreme also has (or at least had) a good reputation.
> Verizon sucks. In fact, since you are in the Long Beach area, they
> suck even more than they do other places. Vote with your feet.
I am pretty sure that COVAD is offshore now....

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