What to do when your ISP off-shores tech support

Randy Bush randy at psg.com
Wed Dec 24 17:50:53 UTC 2008

On 08.12.24 12:43, Jay Hennigan wrote:
> Matthew Black wrote:
>> I've had difficulties reaching anyone with a brain
>> at my DSL provider Verizon California.
> Switch to a local ISP with local tech support.


i have multiple offices.  in each case, i buy layers one and two from 
the copper/fiber monopoly and layer three from local folk with clue and 
caring: lavanet (hawai`i), infinitiy internet (pnw), and iij (tokyo, and 
yes i work for iij).

local packet pushers with clue are not only better at layer three 
support and delivery, but they carry more weight with the hellco to get 
your layer one and two problem fixed.


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